Education Courses


Our live trading courses

Learn how to trade by attending our live two day trading courses held at our offices in London. Our experience traders will guide you step by step through the process of getting started in your trading journey. Learn live and provide an interactive experience with our experienced traders allowing you to gain instant feedback and enhance your skills. 

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Online beginners course

Our online beginners course is perfect for someone starting out their trading journey. It teaches you everything you need to know about understanding how the financial markets works and gives you the perfect platform to start your trading journey. 

Our course includes a large curriculum guiding you step by step through the stages of learning how to trade, setting up your trading account, understanding the tools of trading analysis, to implementing  strategies, creating a trading plan and controlling your mindset. Also includes, ongoing mentorship and access to our telegram signal group. We recommend moving onto our advanced course once you have completed this course. 

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Advanced online trading masterclass 

Our online masterclass course is for our advanced traders who want to enhance their trading potential, learn new advanced strategies to become consistently profitable. This course has all our experience, trading secrets, knowledge and unique strategies put into one. You can't get this content anywhere else.


Course includes in depth analysis, learning to implement technical harmonic strategies, insight to our equity algorithm, scalp fundamental news and exploit market openings. Also get access to our members telegram group and one to one webinars with our experienced traders.

One to One Classes 

One to one tutoring with our experienced traders in our offices in London. In depth learning and ongoing mentorship. Option to have a desk trading with us on a daily basis. Full course content covered in advanced detail specific to you and your level of understanding.

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